Discover i3LEARNHUB’s innovative physical measuring tools


i3LEARNHUB, the collaborative learning software developed by i3-Technologies, integrates the most important measuring tools, including a compass, ruler and protractor, to provide teachers with optimal support for their mathematic activities in class. While most users are familiar with the integrated digital tools, only few know about the corresponding range of physical tools, which are fully compatible with i3LEARNHUB, and aimed at facilitating the geometry drawing process.

Digitally optimized drawings

This unique and innovative combination of a physical tool on a digital platform allows teachers to enjoy the ease of use of a traditional, physical measuring tool, while i3LEARNHUB digitally optimizes their drawings. This offers numerous advantages, compared to purely physical or digital tools, for both teachers and students.

For starters, teachers can draw all sorts of objects effortlessly and consistently receive the most perfect results, as i3LEARNHUB only makes it possible to draw straight lines and perfect circles. Moreover, the software provides snapping guidelines to ensure optimal accuracy and make it easy to draw large objects.

The software allows teachers to seamlessly alternate between the physical and digital measuring tool to adjust their drawings in terms of color choice, surface area, angle size, etc., or to move them to different locations, which leads to higher productivity.

The physical tools mimic the appearance of standard measuring tools used by teachers in class to clearly show the drawing process and the results to be achieved. Teachers can switch to the digital measuring tool depending on the size of the classroom to mimic student’s tools and ensure optimal visibility for all students. This creates additional didactic advantages, as students can easily follow the teacher’s movements on the screen and repeat his or her actions to complete their exercises.

How it works

When pressed on a V-Sense board or touch screen, the physical measuring tool enables i3LEARNHUB to recognize the tool as the analog variant of the corresponding digital tool. The software then automatically launches tool-specific snapping guidelines which assist the user in drawing the desired geometric shapes, and activates the pen tool.

Drawing has never been so easy!