Major i3LEARNHUB update live now!

Over the past few months, we have put our heads together to redesign your favorite learning platform in order to make it even more intuitive and efficient. Now you can discover all there is to it. Here's a list of some exciting new features included in the release:


  • 1 favmenu EN

    Integrated web browser

    Embed a website in your lesson and annotate or use any tool you want (spotlight, measurement tool,…) on top of it!

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  • 5 marketplace preview EN

    The i3-Marketplace!

    Exchange lessons and activities with educators all around the world in the i3-Marketplace, the revamped i3Community!

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  • 4 activitybuilder integrated EN v2

    Integrated activity builder

    With the activity builder integrated in i3LEARNHUB you have quick access to a wide variety of customizable and hands-on activities for your students!

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  • 3 onscreenkeyboard EN

    On-screen keyboard

    i3LEARNHUB makes your life so easy! No need to switch between screen modes, your keyboard will always be there for you when you need it!

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  • 2 movable toolbar EN

    Coming soon: movable toolbar

    i3LEARNHUB likes to move it, move it! Don’t be limited to the default settings, move the toolbar and rearrange items to YOUR liking!

  • 1 favmenu EN

    Favorite tool sets

    Sneak peek at the new i3LEARNHUB: More tools at your fingertips, more time for your students! Create up to 4 tool sets and have a complete set for every situation!

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Updated product video with all new major features

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Release notes May 2017

Library improvement: redesign


The redesigned library makes it easier than ever to find what you need, with more filters and better grouping of content types.

  • All media types and lessons can be searched from 1 view
  • More filtering options to drill down faster
  • Search in i3LIBRARY, Marketplace or 'My Content'

Library improvement: Community > Marketplace


All user generated content (including assets) is now shareable in the marketplace.

In the future, free content provided by i3 will be retrievable through a filter in the marketplace. You will no longer need to look in a special tab.

Canvas improvement: sidebar


With the new sidebar, all contextual information gets a fixed place on the page. No more styling menus overlapping other objects or falling off screen.

Sidebar now contains:

  • Styling menu for pens, shapes and text
  • Page sorter
  • Library & templates

Page sorter improvement


Insert page below active page, duplicate page, move page downward and delete pages directly from the page sorter.

Previous functionality still available:

  • Drag to new place
  • Radar navigation view

Toolbar improvement


  • Submenus better indicated
  • Tools are movable
  • New button: favorites menu
  • New button: direct insert website
  • New button: iframe controls

Custom tool order cannot yet be saved

Favorites menu improvement


Favorites menu now contains 4 zones instead of 1.

Save up to 4 sets of 9 favorite tools depending on lesson subject and context

Integrated web browser


Embed any web content as a native object

The new iframe makes it easier to navigate through embedded web sites. You can now work over any web content as well, using any tool! Use the new pointer to navigate the embedded content

On-screen keyboard


New, sleeker onscreen keyboard with layout options

The improved onscreen keyboard will pop up whenever you enter text (unless you disable it in the settings menu) and now features multiple layout options

Activity builder


With the activity builder you instantly create customized interactive lesson objects that would take hours to realize otherwise: activities such as memory, hangman and puzzles can be easily built and customized with personal images and text.

Optionally, introduce embodied learning in your classroom by letting students interact with the activities using iMO learn cubes

Quick Quiz improvement: iMO-LEARN


Easily bring embodied learning into your classroom by using iMO Learn cubes in conjunction with the Quick Quiz functionality.

Let students choose their answer by moving the iMO LEARN cubes