Three in one interactive Whiteboard

Het Klepperke in Balen, Belgium.

The primary school het Klepperke in Balen, Belgium, wanted to change and innovate her teaching methods. The school has searched for an interactive whiteboard and eventually acquired the i3BOARD of i3-Technologies. It has opted for the largest i3BOARD model of 135”, because a large surface offers more teaching opportunities.

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Every pupil is unique

i3LEARNHUB at Omnimundo, Antwerp

The primary school Omnimundo, located in Antwerp, features a challenging and varied pupil population; a large number of pupils have disadvantaged backgrounds and families who speak foreign languages, thus lacking a homogeneous structure. Therefore, there is a strong need for differentiation and individual learning processes to ensure maximum learning gains for all pupils at the school.

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iMO-LEARN for young and old

iMO-LEARN at ‘Day of the smart school’

Flanders Synergy, a company that promotes and initiates innovations in Flemish work organizations, is guiding approximately fifty schools to a well-organized school environment. Therefore, it has launched the project ‘smart organization of education’.

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The digital era is changing the face of education

 European school, Brussels

The European School in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, Brussels, is the largest of its kind; it has 170 classrooms that accommodate approximately 3100 students. In 2015, the school entered into collaboration with i3-Technologies to embark on a major project to refurbish all classrooms with i3BOARD interactive whiteboards. The ambitious project will be completed by 2022.

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